Why are Tom and Daisy together?


Based on what you have read thus far from Chapter 1, why are the Buchanans married to one another? Make sure to include their characterizations and how the way they are further explains why they are together?



12 responses to “Why are Tom and Daisy together?

  1. I think Tom and Daisy’s relationship works because Tom is a harsh person that starts lots of drama. Daisy on the other hand thrives off being center of attention. This makes their relationship work perfectly because even though Tom is cheating on Daisy, she is does not take harm to it because this means more drama for her to be centered around.

  2. Tom and Daisy are together because Tom enjoys the drama between them two of them and Daisy enjoys the attention from it

  3. Tom and Daisy are together because they are both wasaps . You have to marry into the old money so that you can keep the wealth in your family.

  4. Daisy and Tom are together because Daisy loves the drama that Tom and her go through.Like it thrills her when something juicy happens or a problem that occurs between both of them.

  5. Tom and Daisy are together because she likes the problems that they both go through, she likes to have an interesting argument with Tom, even though he may sometimes hit her. She is a fool, she thinks this is entertaining because she finds herself bored.

  6. Tom and Daisy are together because Diasy find an entertainment in having an argument with Tom, she may enjoy it even though he may hit him at times.

  7. I think that daisy is married to tom because they both come from similar backgrounds. For example both Tom and Daisy are rich. further in their relationship i think Daisy is no longer happy being married to Tom

  8. Tom and Daisy Buchanan are together because Daisy is scared of Tom. Tom is very harsh and intimidating to everyone. Daisy still loves Tom regardless how bad they fight or still argue about his mistress.

  9. I think Tom and Daisy are together is because Daisy is a wasp just like him. Tom would want to marry someone will equal status and not of lower status like myrtle. Daisy is with Tom because she likes the drama. Tom is a harsh person who starts conflict and Daisy really digs up on that. She would rather be with a person who entertains her.

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