Why is Nick Carraway the narrator of THE GREAT GATSBY?

F. Scott Fitzgerald chose to narrate The Great Gatsby in first person point of view. However, a secondary character, not Jay Gatsby, but Nick Carraway, a WASP from the Midwest, tells the story from his perspective.


Even though we have read the first six pages of the novel, why do you think that Fitzgerald chose to have Nick Carraway tell the story of Gatsby?


11 responses to “Why is Nick Carraway the narrator of THE GREAT GATSBY?

  1. I believe nick Carraway is the narrator of The Great Gatsby because of his very observant nature. Nick can find out things about other characters just by looking at their body, same way he did with Tom. Readers can then learn more about a character because of they way nick describes them. Without an observant narrator, readers would of have to guessed for themselves on the personality of others.

  2. Mr.fitzgerald choose nick as a narrator for the story because he seems like he has the perfect characteristics for example he is a very big thinker he seems like he acnoledges the little things alote he showed this when he helped the man that stopped to ask for directions. He also does not judge which means gatsby would be comfortable sharing his feelings with him no problem.

  3. I believe F. Scott Fitzgerald made Nick Carraway as the narrator because Nick is already known for being told about peoples life. With Nick being as quite as he is people often confess feeling to Nick. So I think think will really have an inside view of everything going on cause he will gain the trust from Gasby.

  4. Nick Carraway is the narrator of great Gatsby because the story effected him even though he had little to do with it all. Nick also got to experience the whole situation from a distant but also close and more private ends, i feel he got a little insight on each end.

  5. I believe Nick is the narrator because he has a way of being very observant and noticing the smaller things about other characters and his surroundings. I also believe somewhere deeper into the book we find out Nick has a stronger important connection with all the characters.

  6. I believe Nick is the narrator because of how observant he is towards the other characters and new sroundings so it sets the mood for his character when he describes every little detail. I also feel that Nick has a connection with all the characters that will be expolred deeper within the book.

  7. I tgink Nick tells the story to emphasis something in Gatsby. To begin Nick is a Wasp, meaning he should hate Gatsby a Nouveau Riche. Furthermore, this means that Gatsby must have something special about him for Nick to care. Hence, the reason i think Nick tells the story; in order to show off the Great Gatsby.

  8. I think Nick Carraway is the story teller because he is very observant and presents things that a lot of narrators wont point out. this helps you understand and get into the story a lot better. this also gives information that can help you build upon story lines or other things.

  9. i think nick carraway is the narrator because it is interesting to find out things from a different characters prospective and you can see how feels about certain things

  10. I think that Nick is the narrator of the great Gatsby, because since Nick does not judge people the story can be told in a perspective that’s not opinionated

  11. Nick Carraway is the narrator because he is a wasp. He is very observant and do things most authors don’t do. His way of speaking analyzes and descirbe’s every other aspect of the story.

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