THE GREAT GATSBY – A Tale of Three Trailers


In 2013, Baz Luhrman (the director of Romeo & Juliet and Moulin Rouge) worked with Leonardo DiCaprio (Jack from Titanic and Romeo), Carey Mulligan, and Tobey Maguire (Peter Parker/Spiderman) to give a fresh, new vision of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 American masterpiece, The Great Gatsby. Below are three distinct trailers that were released for the film.

Which trailer makes you want to read the book/watch the movie? Explain why. Additionally, address what you know about the book based on the trailer.

Trailer Released in 2012

Released in Early 2013

International Trailer


19 responses to “THE GREAT GATSBY – A Tale of Three Trailers

  1. Trailer number 2 makes want to read/watch the movie because u can see all the drama and secret in the book/movie. What I know base on the trailer is that Gatsby was not born rich like the wasp and people are starting to tale notice. This might make Gatsby socially unacceptable and would cause a lot of conflict. I also know that someone is trying to end the life of Gatsby, probably because of his background.

  2. The trailer that caught much of my attention is the first one. I liked it because it informs you about when it took place, the circumstances in which the story takes place but what I love about it that for moments it shows what the movie is based upon as it clearly shows it’s a love story. But it leaves you with what is the problem or the main thing because of the scene where it speaks about that gatsby dose not exist even tho he clearly is shown.

  3. The trial I liked the most was the second one because when I watched it I felt it was more instance then the first and third one. Also it gave little bits of the dark side of Gatsby which made me want to read the book and watch the movie.

  4. I feel like the last trailer caught my eye because it had both the first and second trailers pieces in it but was more specific with the events. It shows what Gatsby had to go through in order to be rich but as I seen even though he was rich and had everything he wanted there was still things he felt he was missing.

  5. I feel that the last trailer caught my eye because even though it had small bits of both the first and second trailer in it, it was more specific with the events. Judging by the trailer I say he wasn’t born rich, he had to work for it but even though he was rich and had everything it looked like he felt he was still missing something.

  6. The trailer that caught my attention was trailer #2 because it reveals to us how he was not a rich person when he was small.Also it makes me whant to see the movie because it talks about how he wants to hide secret he has.

  7. The trailer that caught my attention was number three because it show me that he start small and than got big so big he want more and more. Also it tells how he got their what he had to do to get to the top. What I learned from the trailer is that it a love story.

  8. The trailer that made me want to read the book the most is trailer #3 because tone of the whole trailer was really dramatic. The trailer really captured me on wanting to know what was going to happen. So far i know a wealthy man owns a place to host parties and at a party he falls in love. She later leaves him making him have a mental breakdown which probably ends in them getting back together.

  9. Trailer #3 made me want to see and read the great gatsby because its a new look at going from rags to riches and seeing how he lives his life. im very looking forward to reading this book in class now

  10. The trailer that caught my attention was number three because it looked really interesting with all the drama it has. Based on the trailer we see how his life is.

  11. The trailer that caught my attention the most was the first trailer. The trailer was very exciting and also left me wondering what will happen in the movie and the book aswell. This trailer gives us information about the setting and shows us some exciting clips, but it does not show too much. This is a good thing becaue the viewer is left with a good first impression of the movie and it creates curiosity.

  12. The trailer that caught my attention was number 3 because it seems to have lots a scenes on how power and money make people feel powerful and make them stand out in the crowd.

  13. The trailer released in early 2013 makes me want to watch the movie and read the book. The reason being that it shows how wondrous his life is however it also emphasizes that he has secrets. In addition, it points out the fact that he is upset about being Nouveau Riche, regardless to all his fame and money. I find that feeling of regardless of how much material you have you can always lack something interesting.

    • Also i’m assuming the movie/book is about his extravagant life however, he has a few underlying issues. For example, i think the girl he likes is Old Money and her father makes a point to explain to Gatsby that regardless to his accomplishments he’ll never be like them. In addition, I think this is why she can’t be with him or something idk.

  14. I think trailer 2 caught my attention more because it showed more to the trailer like it wasn’t just scenes of the movie it was more more it had flashbacks showing emotional scenes and it showed that the protagonist wasn’t always rich something happened that change his life forever

  15. The trailer released in 2013 make want to read the book because there is lots of actions that going on just by watching the trailer. therefore, the book must have even more info about each scene shown in the movie that makes us wonder why the author put that there and what he trying to show us.

  16. The first trailer of the scene caught me because they show the picture of Mr.Gatsby and he’s in love with Daisy but she’s with another man

  17. The trailer that really caught my eye was trailer number two because it looks like a very action packed movie with a few secrets that makes you want to see more of it.Just the vibe that it gave off to where they reenacted the 1920’s but with just a little bit more action.Also from the trailer i can see that there will be a conflict between Tom & Gatsby.

  18. The international makes me want to read the book/ watch the movie because it begins by showing the viewer the mystery behind Gatsby and also shows what the conflict of the story is. From this trailer I know that Gatsby is a very extravagant man but also has some underlying secrets.

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